Matt Cruse is the main character in the Airborn Series. He was born on an Airship and therefore always felt like he only truly belonged in the air. His friend/love intrest/girlfriend/fiance is Kate de Vires. He has served aboard 3 different Airships ( the Aurora, the Flotsam, and the Sagarmatha) and a Starclimber. Matt can also be credited with helping discover the long lost ghost ship known as the Hyperion. But despite these achievements, Matt struggles to find his place in the world and be succesful because his society has defined success as one's wealth of money and power instead of one's wealth of character, knowledge, and love. He also struggles with how his feelings for Kate interfere with his dream of one day commanding a grand airship of his own. Herrrrrooo


Matt first appears in Airborn as a cabin boy on the airship Aurora.


Matt finds himself caught up in a another quest Kate de Vries to find the treasure of a lost ship called the Hyperion.


Matt appears in Starclimber. At the end of the book he asked Kate de Vries to marry him three times. She said yes.

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