Skybreaker Edit

Hal Slater was a man who was interested in Kate de Vries. When Matt first meets Hal, he is jealous of him and grows angry at him. Later, when Nadia reveals to Matt that she rented a Starclimber, it is later revealed that this is actually Hal's ship, who was going to the Hyperion with Kate. He forces everyone to give him 80% of the share initially. Matt comments silently that he likes Hal as a man that the chivalrous side he shows to the women. When it is revealed Matt accidently left some of the loot in the Hyperion, he breaks down, shouting that he had worked so hard to loan his ship, and now he had to return the money and lose his work. However, Kate shows Matt she took some money on the Hyperion, and that Hal could buy back his ship with a few gold coins.