The Aurora is a fictional aircraft in the novel Airborn.

The Aurora at the Lionsgate City docks.

Matt Cruse served on the Aurora for 2 years until the defeat of Vikram Sprizglas. The Aurora is a 900 foot long luxury airship. In the novel Airborn the Aurora is boarded and severely damaged and is forced to land on an unmarked island. Matt eventually found some hydrium (a fictional lifting gas) in a cave and supplied the hydrium to the Aurora via rubber hosing. After capturing Matt and Kate,Sprizglas found the wrecked Aurora and captured the ship. He is seen mentioning to another pirate about stripping the Aurora and looting the parts. After Matt and Kate goes aboard and meets Bruce. They try steer the ship away using the rear control room and lifts the ship into the air before the wrecking crew arrives. Matt drugged the pirates but the drug did not work on Sprizglas. Sprizglas then used the main control room to override the steering systems. Bruce dies on the Aurora when he is shot by one of the pirates. Sprizglas then confronts Matt in person on the tail fin of the Aurora but falls off and die. Matt then steers the ship away. During the events of Skybreaker the Aurora is apparently still flying and is on a cruise in the Indian Ocean.